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The Value of Extended Service Contracts

The Value of Extended Service Contracts

Many people are wary when it comes to extended service contracts, but they actually serve tons of benefits in case an unexpected situation arises! The team here at Whitson Morgan knows that an extended service contract will benefit you in the long run for a few different reasons. While an extended service contract can go by many names, the outcome is simple—it will get costs covered for your vehicle even after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. Here are benefits to opting into an extended service contract or extended warranty plan:

You’ll Have Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most beneficial reason for opting into an extended service contract is the peace of mind you’ll receive. There is less of a chance that you’ll be caught in a situation where you’re forking over extra cash to pay for vehicle repairs, maintenance, parts, or even labor. While each service contract differs, you’ll be able to more easily budget for the unexpected since you’ll know what is covered under your warranty.

You Can Easily Customize Them

Another great thing about extended service contracts is that they are not one size fits all! They can be altered and tweaked to fit your needs depending on where you’d like the most coverage. That way, you’ll only be paying for what you think you need and won’t feel like your contract is going to waste. Whitson-Morgan is dedicated to helping you find something that works for your budget while saving you the hassle of paying for unexpected repairs. Our team will help find the plan best suited for you.

You Can Transfer Them with No Issues

If you’re worried about what might happen if you sell your vehicle, you’ll be pleased to know that extended service contracts are often transferrable. Not only does this add value to your vehicle, but it can help sell your vehicle more quickly since you have an added perk to offer.

Now that you’ve learned some of the basics about extended service contracts, learn more about the contracts Whitson-Morgan has to offer! Talk to one of our service specialists today by calling 479-754-3020, or visit our dealership in Clarksville, AR.