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Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

For many of us, spring cleaning doesn’t usually mean cleaning our vehicle. Often, we avoid that process as long as possible, but Whitson Morgan Motor Company is here to tell you why you should make time to get your car ready for the new season. As the cold months are left behind, your vehicle will need a detailed cleaning as the warmer temperatures approach. The service team at Whitson Morgan has put together a short cleaning car care list to remove excess dirt, residue, and dust.

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o To avoid damages to the paint of your vehicle, it’s important to remove all the salt build up from the Arkansas winter with a proper car wash. The car wash can be done at home or taken to a professional center.

o After your car is fully washed, always finish by waxing. Wax is designed to do more than give it a shiny finish. It will add a protective layer to prevent future damages to the exterior paint.


o Use select chemicals designed for your tires and make sure to spray only in the recommended area to avoid any damages to the paint of your vehicle. Use a brush to scrub and rinse with water.

o Use a microfiber towel to dry and if needed, apply oil or clear coat afterwards to add an additional protection to the rubber.


o To have clarity on the road, avoid having a dirty glass! This should be done a regular basis depending on the condition of your windshield. However, you should take the time for a deeper clean.

o Use a glass cleaner specifically for your vehicle, spray, and let it soak for the recommended time and wipe with a microfiber towel.


The Dashboard

o Use a dry towel to dust off your dashboard and then proceed to remove any stains with cleaner suited for the interior. Once you have gone over your dashboard with the cleaner, add shine and protect it from UV Rays with a detailing polish. Using the proper cleaning tools will help restore the plastic.

Carpet & Upholstery

o Once the dashboard is complete, start removing anything your seats may be full of. Vacuum the seats and floors and if needed, use a deep cleaning vacuum specified to remove stains.

These simple steps will help your vehicle start the spring season fresh and in its best condition. Improve the appearance and restore it back to its original look.